TV channels Trojans’ spirit

Maggie Cox

Staff Writer

Troy University was solo featured by WSFA-TV.

WSFA, the NBC network affiliate in Montgomery, held a live production on the Bibb Graves Quad on Thursday, Sept. 8, at 11 a.m. in preparation for Troy’s game against Clemson on Saturday.

The program featured Head Coach Neal Brown, the football team, the Sound of the South marching band and Chancellor Jack Hawkins. Students, faculty and staff were also in attendance for the filming.

“Troy has proven we can be very competitive in all areas of university life, and this was another way for our students to get involved and be a part of something that promotes the university and the programs we have to offer,” said Herbert Reeves, dean of student services.

Many students turned out for the event to show their support for the Trojans, including Triniti Williams, a freshman undeclared major from Birmingham.

“The energy out here is just so amazing,” Williams said. “I think this is great for our school.”

Clif Lusk, coordinator for university relations, said that while the show gave publicity to the university, it also provided an avenue to share Troy with the state.

“The ‘Alabama Live’ show provided a positive platform for Troy to share itself with Alabama,” Lusk said. “Any time we can share the Troy story, we are eager to do so.”

According to Lusk, the university has an open-door policy for media outlets seeking to come to campus. Lusk said he thought the partnership with WSFA was successful due to the involvement and collaboration of others.

“The event was highly successful, thanks to the team approach between students, administrators, athletics, the Sound of the South and the Alumni Association,” Lusk said.

The game was broadcast on the ACC Network, but locally, it was hosted on WSFA.

“We’ve had positive feedback from viewers, students, alumni and friends on the university’s participation,” Lusk said. “For those Trojan fans who watched the game on WSFA, we saw perhaps the best game in college football on Saturday.”

The Trojans played the No. 2 Clemson Tigers on Saturday, and the 35-point underdogs came back from a 17-point deficit to lose 30-24. For coverage of the game, check the sports section.

“This is great exposure for Troy and the Troy University athletic program in the viewing area,” Reeves said. “It helps build support for the university as a whole and the football program.”

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