Typography student complete at Idea Bank 

by Mackenzie Foster

Troy University art students gained a bigger audience for their typography artwork during a recent showing at the Idea Bank. 

The murals placed inside of outside of the Idea Bank were created by students for an assignment in a class taught by Chris Stagl, the Assistant Chair of the Department of Art and Design and a professor at Troy University. 

Students were to come up with a design that embodied the Idea Bank and what it means to be a creator. 

After completing 100 sketches for the assignment, students were able to see their work posted at the Idea Bank to share with others. 

Stagl said he is proud of his students and the work they’ve produced. 

“It feels fantastic to give students the opportunity to create work like this,” Stagl said. 

Along with students showing the public some of their work, a competition was held in which people were able to vote on the student artwork they liked the best.

Reanna Thompson was the overall winner, and she said she was shocked about her victory, and very proud of her peers as well. 

“I did not think that was gonna happen at all,” said Reanna Thompson, a junior general business and graphic design major from Panama City, Florida. “I just love all my fellow students, and we’re all so talented.

“I think any of us could have won tonight.” 

Thompson received a $250 scholarship for winning the top prize. 

Emily Cousins and Laura Phelps were runners-up in the competition, and both were surprised that their work was highly admired. 

“I know that there were so many good works here, so I wasn’t expecting to place at all, even, so it’s really exciting,” said Emily Cousins, a junior graphic design major from Montgomery, Alabama. 

“I was honestly really surprised because there are so many great artworks put up here, and I was very surprised when he called my name, but it was exciting,” said Laura Phelps, a junior digital studio art major from Marbury, Alabama. 

After seeing his students complete the assignment with a lot of passion and hard work, Stagl had one piece of advice for current and aspiring art students. 

“I think the best advice that I give to my students is to really invest in [the] process, really take the time to do sketches because that’s where the good ideas come from,” Stagl said. 

The top 20 students’ murals that were posted at the Idea Bank are still up for people to view. 

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