U.S. Census hiring

Emma Daniel

News Editor

The United States Census is set to begin counting soon, and students can apply to help with the process. 

Students can apply at census.gov/jobs for many different positions with competitive wages and flexible hours. 

“They’re (the U.S. Census Bureau) trying to get a very complete and accurate count of our students,” said Dean of Student Services Herbert Reeves, who is also the main point of contact for Census counting. “That’s why they’re placing a special emphasis on recruiting partners at the university level.

“They are wanting the university to take in active role in gathering the Census data for the 2020 year.”

The Census Bureau reached out to many college presidents to actively involve them in the counting. In previous census counts, colleges were not as involved.

Students and community members can both apply, and counting will take place both on and off the university’s campus. 

People can respond to the Census online, by phone or by mail.

Counting is set to officially begin on April 1, Census Day, which is to be observed nationwide. 

“Our students are people, too, that need to be counted,” Reeves said. “As they start looking at redistricting and legislative seats, the number of students really matters. 

“At least nine months out of the year, students account for a huge portion of our county.”

It’s currently unclear how international students will be will accounted for, but Reeves assured they would be counted somehow.

Administration is “expecting to get some additional information” soon.

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