UAC sponsors Park Band concert for a near-empty venue

Victoria Cirilli

Staff Writer

Park Band performed at the College Concert Series event, sponsored by the University Activities Council, last Thursday, Jan. 11, in Sartain Hall at 6 p.m.

The concert was $10 and featured Park Band as the opening act, as well as various other musicians such as River Dan, Donica Knight, Jessica Meuse and Jessie Lynn.

Although the event had a low price for five headliners compared to many other events, the audience was small, about 10 to 15 students — a contrast from the usual crowds Park Band brings to other venues in Troy.

“It’s disappointing for the turnout,” said Tucker Park, lead singer of Park Band. “It’s a first-time thing for these folks and a great idea on their part to do something like this because it’s got a lot of potential.”

The production team that organized the event was reached out to for comment on the event and its turnout but has not released a statement on its feelings about the concert.

“It was a great production,” said James Guiler, the bass guitar player for Park Band. “It was very well-organized, actually; we got here, and everything was planned out.”

Park Band is known for its Troy University origins. The group frequently returns for shows on the local scene as well as on-campus performances.

The band’s members are made up of alumni of the university including lead singer Park, as well as Johnathon “JY” Young on drums, Guiler on bass guitar, Jim Lambert on the lead guitar and Tanner Jackson on the keyboard and synth.

The energy felt from the crowd at Troy is something the band looks forward to each homecoming when they play for students.

“We see new faces and old faces, especially when we come back to campus,” said Park. “It’s good to see the new students come in, and they get to see us for the first time.

“It’s really exciting!”

Park Band originated in 2008 with members Park and Lambert. Young joined as the original bass player in 2009. Guiler jumped on board in 2015, and Jackson is the newest member as of 2017.

Originally playing local venues and in the Sigma Chi fraternity house, which is home to three out of the five members, its popularity spread by word of mouth to other college campuses like Auburn and Alabama, as well as places in Mobile.

“We used to play at the (Sigma Chi) house a lot,” the members said. “(It) was one of our main gigs.”

The cover band makes frequent trips to play private bookings for Greek organizations on our campus each semester.

Tucker Park said he “basically met everyone at the Front Porch,” which he described as the hub of music in Troy.

“That’s where we hung out, that’s where we met each other, that’s where we worked; that’s really all we did,” said Tucker.

For a band who has had ties to the school their entire adult lives, this homecoming was quite a different scenario than the crowds they’re used to seeing on campus.

“My experience at the concert was fun when Park Band played,” said Callee Jinright, a freshman undecided major from Troy who attended Thursday’s event. “I think (the concert) wasn’t a success because not everyone knew about it.

“If Park Band was playing somewhere else, people would

show up.”

Park Band will be performing publicly in Troy soon, returning for their annual concert in downtown Troy.

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