UAC welcomes students with Bingo Night

Emily Mosier

Staff Writer

The Troy University Activities Council (UAC) welcomed students back to campus with a bingo night that included prizes and free food. 

Students were able to relax after their first day of classes last Wednesday with some friendly competition in the Trojan Center ballrooms. 

The event lasted from 6 to 8 p.m., allowing for several rounds of bingo and many winners.

Quinterra Nichols, a sophomore nursing major from Destin, Florida, won a wireless charger lamp that she plans to keep on her desk to use while studying. 

However, Nichols attended the event to have fun, not to win.

“I went to the event because last semester’s bingo night was really fun, and I was able to make some friends,” Nichols said. 

“The atmosphere [this time] was nice . . . it was cheerful, and there was good music.”

Stanley Moore, a sophomore nursing major from Millbrook, Alabama, had to concentrate especially hard while playing because he had not one but four bingo cards on the table before him.

“In my mind, I was thinking ‘the more cards I have, the better chance of winning I have,’ but I didn’t actually end up winning any of the rounds,” Moore said. “I feel like if I would’ve known I wasn’t going to win, I would have still gone.”

“UAC always throws great events, and I enjoy playing bingo, so regardless of whether there were prizes or not, I was going to have fun and meet new people.” 

Sydney Burlingame, a sophomore graphic design major from Prattville, Alabama, attended in hopes of making new friends. She said she was surprised by how many people attended the event.

“The room was almost full, and we almost ran out of cards,” Burlingame said. “I went to this event to have fun, and I most definitely did.”

According to Burlingame, the best part of the night was how everyone cheered when someone got a bingo. 

“It was great!” Burlingame said.

“My favorite part of the night was when I was allowed to call out the bingo numbers during one of the rounds,” Moore said. 

“It was a very friendly and welcoming atmosphere, [and] there was more than enough pizza to go around.

“I feel as though I can speak for everyone that attended when I say that it was a very enjoyable night!”

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