Unique Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

Kianna Collins
Assistant Arts and Entertainment Editor

This Valentine’s Day people are going to give each other gifts, take each other out to dinner and engage in other cliché activities.
While typical, it’s still thought of as a nice sentiment, but there are different things to do on this day to celebrate romance.
Maybe a simple picnic indoors, or outdoors if you like rain, would suffice. Cooking a successful meal is satisfying, and sharing it with a significant other would be even more so.
Another idea is actually cooking the meal with a significant other. If both parties cook, it’ll be that much more satisfying to eat.
Valentine’s Day gifts can range from expensive to really expensive, so, if money is tight, making gifts is an alternative. Giving a significant other a handmade gift is sure to make them either laugh or embrace the creator of the gift.
If both parties of a relationship forgot that Valentine’s Day even happens this weekend, they can challenge each other to a 30-minute craft race. The gift can only be made from objects around the house, which really opens up a creative door.
A bouquet of flowers are nice, but making one is even nicer. Take a detour from the flower stand in Wal-Mart and go to the garden center.
Flowers are grown in abundance there, and there are plenty of options just for that special someone.
Building a pillow fort can be viewed as a children’s hobby, but it also makes for a secluded entertainment center. It’s better than going to a crowded movie theater.
Another childlike thing to do is play games that include the ground being lava or not letting a balloon touch the ground. It seems ridiculous, but it can end in laughter and nostalgia.
If either of you are writers, finding humorous writing prompts online at websites such as seventhsanctum.com or languageisavirus.com. Try to outdo each other in a hilarious, yet coherent way.
Some movies have romantic scenes that are someone’s favorite, so trying to reenact that scene could be hilarious, even more romantic, or just plain ridiculous.
Spontaneous trips to places you’ve never been can also turn Valentine’s Day into a different experience.
Those who are feeling adventurous in Troy can take one of the many mysterious turns off Highway 231, which – for lack of a better word – appear to be harrowing detours.
Dancing – really dancing – is something oftentimes removed from the social lives of couples.
Finding the time to dance together, without “twerking” or “grinding,” can be a refreshing revival of a corrupted social activity.
Take a trip to Troy Pets or go to Montgomery to PetLand to pet puppies in the stores.
Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be limited to just one set formula of activities, and everyone should try their best to please their significant other on this day of love.

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