University gets a face-lift: TC opens today

Lilly Casolaro

News Editor

Tori Bedsole

Features Editor

As Troy University’s main campus enrollment continues to increase, several campus projects, such as the Trojan Center food court and the new parking lot, are already underway to accommodate the increase in student population.

“Students have many expectations about their university environment, and at the top of the list are adequate parking and good food,” said Jim Bookout, senior vice chancellor for finance and business affairs.

Food court adds new locations

The Trojan Center food court is expected to open today.

Expansions include the addition of Steak ’n Shake, a hamburger and milkshake location; Marble Slab, an ice cream shop; Great American Cookies, a place that specializes in baked cookies; and Boar’s Head Deli, a sandwich and deli meat location. Chick-fil-A, Einstein Bros. Bagels and Mein Bowl have been expanded as well.

Sodexo, Troy’s food vendor, funded the approximately $2.5 million project at no cost to the University, according to Bookout.

“Additional food options and facility improvements will serve to enhance and satisfy their (students’) on-campus experience,” Bookout said.

According to Ibrahim Yildirim, Sodexo general manager, the expansion has allowed for a number of different menu changes and additions.

“There is a different menu selection for the Boar’s Head, so you can try different things at each location,” Yildrim said. “Steak ’n Shake will have breakfast options as well, but it will be different from everywhere else.”

Steak ’n Shake will serve pancakes for breakfast, and Chick-fil-A will be adding sausage biscuits to its breakfast menu.

The menu for Mein Bowl has also been updated in order to bring more authentic options from different cultures, such as chicken marsala and curry.

Einstein’s has also received a new cappuccino machine to “speed up service,” according to Yildrim.   

Another addition is four Freestyle Coke machines throughout the food court, as well as one in Moe’s and one in Boar’s Head in Trojan Dining.

To stay updated with on-campus dining options, follow Troy Dining on social media or download the Bite app, which allows students to view each day’s menu and calorie counts.

Additional plan for commuters

A new commuter “plus” plan will be provided as an additional option for commuters.

Bookout said the plan will be $600 plus tax for the semester and will include 350 flex points (which can be used at Sodexo retail locations and stadium concessions) and 28 meal swipes in the Trojan dining hall.

“This fall, Sodexo Dining and Troy University will introduce an enhanced meal plan to address the needs of commuters who desire greater flexibility of funds to meet their retail dining needs on campus during the semester and access to discounted meals at Trojan Dining, without having to purchase one of the existing meal plans,” Bookout said.

Students must change from the dining dollar plan to the commuter plus plan within the first week of classes. Changes and inquires can be found in the Trojan Card Office in Adams Administration building.

There are currently around 2,400 students enrolled in meal plans,  according to Yildrim.

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