Updated app offers daily film tickets to members for $10 a month

Draven Jackson

Arts & Entertainment Editor

Troy’s Continental Cinemas says it hopes to participate in MoviePass, a subscriber-based movie ticket-buying app that allows members to watch movies in theaters every day for $9.95 a month.

According to the Apple app store, MoviePass is the “nation’s premier theatrical subscription service, allowing you to unlimited movies in over 3,700 theaters in the United States for a low monthly fee.”

According to the article published by “Variety,” though MoviePass has been around since 2011, it has changed dramatically in its newest addition. For example, the subscription cost has dramatically decreased from $50 monthly, to $10 as of August

Users can download the app or go online and sign up to be a member. They will receive a personalized membership card in the mail in five to seven business days, according to the MoviePass website.

When going to see a movie, users must “check in” at their theater via the MoviePass app. After checking into the appropriate theater, members can view and choose movies and showtimes.

Once moviegoers choose a film and show time, their card, which operates like a debit card, will be activated for 30 minutes. During this time, the subscriber can simply swipe the card at the box office or place of purchase.

Members can find which theaters accept MoviePass by entering their ZIP code into the app or website, although most theaters in the U.S. accept MoviePass as a form of payment.

For theaters that utilize e-tickets, after members check in, the app creates a confirmation code that can be used at the theater’s box office to claim the movie ticket.

The MoviePass website ensures users that there are “no blackout dates.” Members can see a new 2D movie every day, even on opening night, with the same monthly payment.

MoviePass will be subsidizing the rest of the ticket cost, so theaters will still receive the complete payment for the ticket.

Ted Farnsworth, the CEO of Helios and Matheson, which bought a majority of the stake in MoviePass, said the app will make money by selling the data it collects about the viewing habits of members using the app to target advertisers.

According to Chase Taylor, the vice president of Continental Cinemas, CC5 can currently be found on the MoviePass app, though local management is unsure about any specifics and is working with the app creators to clear up the details.

Taylor has confirmed, however, that Continental Cinemas is going to do everything it can to remain a part of the app and provide this new service to the citizens of Troy.

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