‘Us’ : critical success or confusing, disappointing failure?

Acoryanna Wilson


SPOILER ALERT: When Jordan Peele’s newest horror film, “Us,” was announced, some moviegoers expected it to live up to the expectations of his famous film “Get Out,” but were disappointed by the movie as a whole. 

This seems pretty surprising as not only did this jaw-dropping film make more than $70 million in ticket sales, but it has also received a 94-percentile rating from famous movie critics on multiple review sites. Even though many critics want to see Jordan Peele succeed, the audience didn’t feel as if the movie made any sense. 

With its plot twist and confusing clues throughout the movie, many moviegoers on review websites have said they didn’t feel as if it lived up to the expectations the well-detailed trailer presented, which some movie critics agree with, saying the film was better advertised than produced. 

Let’s get straight to the point: in my opinion, this movie was excellent, action-packed and well thought out. Jordan Peele and his expertise with coming up with brilliant ideas didn’t cease to surprise me. 

After leaving the theatre, I felt a sense of excitement to see the next movie. The plot kept the audience engaged, and the sense of humor throughout the film gave them a pleasant feeling of relaxation during this “serious movie.” 

Lupita Nyong’o, who played Adelaide Wilson, and the other cast members were the highlight of the movie. The main actors played dual roles in the film: one as a normal, black American family, the other as their own personal antagonists with unique personalities. 

Although I think the movie was a hit, Peele could have expanded on a few parts. The plot twist was unclear, and there were scenes which needed a bit more explanation, rather than leaving the audience lost. 

If you didn’t pay attention to the important details in the beginning, like the television playing the “Hands Across America” commercial and the many scenes showing the bible verse Jeremiah 11:11, then there is a chance that the clues went completely over your head.

The clues would have benefited from being more obvious, so the audience didn’t have to go do research to figure them out. 

Overall, “Us” was all it was hyped up to be, but it could use some minor adjustments for the audience to have a better understanding of the deeper clues and underlying messages found throughout the film.

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