Vine gets boot

Twitter, owner of the social media invention Vine, which made many users famous, announced plans to shut down the mobile app in coming months.

Vine is a platform where users have six seconds  to put on a performance.

Local stars of this app proved that this seemingly impossible time limit on comedy was of no hindrance to them, gaining millions of followers.

The Dem White Boyz channel was first launched into popularity when they submitted a twerking video to a contest on Vine in the summer of 2013.

At the time, the teenagers, Cole LaBrant, John Grice and Baylor Barnes, were still in high school. Now, they all attend Troy University and are involved in several different aspects of campus life.

Since, the trio has split into their own Vine channels, as well as various other social media platforms.

Cole LaBrant, sophomore from Enterprise and son of Ken LaBrant, associate professor of Spanish, has amassed 6.7 million followers on his personal Vine account.

LaBrant could not be reached for comment at this time.

However, while many have expressed sentiment over the app that brought them fame, many, including LaBrant, have already moved their comedic talents to YouTube and Snapchat.

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