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Katie Miller

Staff Writer

Whitney Cale

Staff Writer

Having been assigned to review the most popular spot on campus for dining, Katie Miller said she was overjoyed, and when her fellow staff writer Whitney Cale joined her, both of them looked forward to joining the line for Moe’s.

Just as Cale and Jane Morrell, the opinion editor, had done before with Einsteins Bros., the girls decided to split the review over two days.

Just another Manic Monday
at Moe’s:

On a Monday night at 8:45, only five or six people stood in front of them, so Miller approximated their wait to be about 10 minutes due to small staffing. The wait for the first employee to take their order was not long at all. Only one man was preparing the food, but he was doing an incredible job, Miller said.  He moved everyone on his designated side along quickly and efficiently.

However, according to Miller, the cash register section caused the line to drag on. The majority of the 10-minute wait was spent standing in a mass clump around the register, said Miller, who hoped to be rung up as soon as possible.

“I did not have a pleasant experience with the woman that rung us up,” Cale said. “She was a little bit rude.”

Cale chose a chicken burrito bowl, a meal she normally gets at Moe’s, and was exceptionally pleased with the overall appearance and size.

“Mine looks pretty good. It’s layered evenly, and I think the proportion sizes are well,” Cale said. “It’s a little cold. Usually when I get a bowl, it’s pretty warm.”

Cale based her score on appearance, taste and weight of her bowl. Overall, the experience rate was about a 7 out of 10.

Miller decided to venture out of her comfort zone and eagerly unwrapped her Homewrecker burrito, a meal she had never gotten before. The burrito was tightly wrapped and absolutely enormous, and at first bite she tasted everything in the burrito at once — except the guacamole. The first employee put a fair amount of everything that Miller had ordered inside it, but unfortunately, the guacamole glob was located on the other end of the burrito near the ending folds.

“It was disappointing,” Miller said.

According to Miller, the guacamole was only a minor set back. The Homewrecker tasted good and the appearance was immaculate she said. The unfriendliness of the cashier added a minor dent in her impressed opinion, but overall she rated the dining experience was a solid 8 out of 10.

Tuesday — except no tacos. Just a quesadilla and some nachos, please.

Cale and Miller expected Tuesday at 1 p.m. to be overcrowded and difficult for Moe’s to handle, but they were pleasantly surprised. According to Miller, the line consisted of about 10 people, and it took less than 10 minutes to travel from one end of the food bar to the other.

“Not bad for lunchtime!” Miller said. “The two ladies assigned to prepare the food were very kind, and the lady at the register did an exceptional job ringing up orders quickly while keeping a cheerful face.”

Cale could have had trouble picking up her meal due to her injured right arm, and the woman at the register was quick to notice.

“She was thoughtful and asked me if I needed her to carry my stuff to the table,” Cale said.

“Talk about exceptional service,” Miller said.

Cale kindly turned down the offer, but they were both pleased by the woman’s refreshing attitude.

Cale started off this meal inspecting her chicken quesadilla.

“It looks decent,” she said. “The sour cream is oozing out of the side, which I’m not a fan of. The other side looks as if there’s nothing there. It’s not evenly spread.

“At least the tortilla looks nicely toasted.”

As the meal went on, the sour cream in Cale’s quesadilla became overpowering to the point where it was difficult to pick up. Cale said that the overall taste of her meal was bland because of the sour cream, and rated her food a 2 out of 10. The above-and-beyond service, however Cale said, received a 9 out of 10.

Now it was Miller’s turn. Miller said she loves nachos more than anything, so she chose the chicken Billy Barou, and added all ingredients typically on a taco such as lettuce, tomato, shredded cheese and queso.

“Every ingredient on the nachos was fresh, and the chicken was warm,” Miller said. “Each topping was spread over the chips evenly and in whopping portions. The nachos were aesthetically pleasing. I could barely see the chips underneath all of the added ingredients.”

According to Miller, everything was fantastic until she reached the bottom of the bowl:

“I realized the queso had consumed every remaining chip,” she said. “The cheese caused the crisp chips to become flimsy, and I was no longer able to use my hands for my meal. Our second meal easily earned a 10 out of 10 rating from my end.”

Overall Experience

From the second they walked into the door to the moment they left, the service was excellent and the meal ­— at least Miller’s meals — were great. The women rated their overall experience at Moe’s a 7 out of 10. Keep it up, Moe’s!

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