Welcome Week offers opportunity for new students to interact with greater Troy area

Andrea Hammack

Staff Writer 

While students are fresh on campus this week, Troy University has been preparing for their arrival for quite some time. 

One of the main concerns for the campus is making sure incoming students feel at home and welcome, especially those new to the college experience.

Troy’s Welcome Week allows all students to have fun while adjusting to college life. 

Anna Laura Kirchharr, a graduate student in the office of Student Involvement and Leadership from Uriah, Alabama,  has been working closely with advisers and directors to prepare and organize events scheduled for the week. 

Kirchharr stressed the importance of the browse sessions for incoming students as a way to get involved on campus during the upcoming year.

“As a student that has participated in four Welcome Weeks at Troy, I would encourage freshmen to leave your dorm room and go to the events,” Kirchharr said. 

“My favorite part has always been the free food and getting to meet new students while seeing returning students that I have not seen all summer.”

Though students will get to experience the finished product of Welcome Week, there are ups and downs to assembling such a large event.

Taylor Holt, a senior social science major from Huntsville, served as the director for Welcome Week. 

As a director, Holt assisted in preparing the event schedule with the organizing committee and higher administration, while also managing all sponsorships. 

“A lot goes into organizing events for students,” Holt said. “First, I do a lot of research to make sure this is something that would be successful and enjoyable for all students.”

According to Holt, once the events are selected, she needs to “get them approved with the administration, consult with the office of student services, and handle all contracts of each event.”

The week has an array of events for students scheduled, including Taste of Troy, Silent Disco and Movie Night. 

“Taste of Troy is an event on the Square that allows students, particularly new students, to see what is available to them outside of the campus and university,” Holt said. 

Holt and Kirchharr both agree that managing and scheduling all of the events at once can be difficult but that the outcome is worth it. 

“It is so rewarding to see the way they impact students’ lives and bring people together,” Holt said. 

Althea Marsh, an incoming freshman sociology major from Brewton, Alabama, said that she looks forward to attending the Welcome Week. 

“I am just genuinely excited to meet new people,” Marsh said. “I’m especially looking forward to getting the chance to learn more about Freshman Forum and attending their pancake supper.”

Welcome Week especially assists freshmen to become acquainted with their new environment. 

“I think Troy putting on these activities allows us, freshmen, to mentally shift into college life while making new connections,” Marsh said. 

“It will give us a chance to meet new people and learn more about the university before we even have the chance to get homesick.” 

The Welcome Week activities commenced on Saturday, Aug. 10, will continue to run through Wednesday, Aug. 21. 

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