Welcome Week welcomes students home with a multitude of activities

Lacey Alexander

Staff Writer

During Troy University’s annual “Welcome Week,” students are treated to sports, food and entertainment throughout campus from Aug. 12-20.

Welcome Week is hosted by a multitude of Greek, religious and other social communities on campus, with activities that are intended to give Troy students a high-energy first week of classes.

The Welcome Week webpage explains that the goal of the various welcome week activities is to allow new students to meet their classmates and get to know the Troy campus.

The week started with a variety of events over the weekend, such as Move-In Day and Bid Day on Saturday, Aug. 12, as well as the Odyssey Convocation and a Karaoke Battle on Sunday, Aug. 13.

The Karaoke Battle, hosted by the Welcome Week Committee in Sartain Hall, gave students the chance to perform solo or with a partner in front of an audience.

“It was a laid-back, fun and welcoming atmosphere,” said Alex Reynolds, a sophomore nursing major from Dothan.

“There was a good crowd. It was a great event for students to get out of their comfort zones and meet some new people.”

Reynolds serves on the Welcome Week Committee and said the events are always scheduled carefully to maximize effectiveness.

“Our goal was to strategically place all of the events we had planned for the week to maximize attendance,” Reynolds said. “We look forward to meeting new people and welcoming our students back home.”

On Monday, students got one more chance to have an Impact session before mandatory freshman seminars, and multiple organizations hosted cookouts and even a pancake dinner.

Upcoming events include fraternity recruitment, a soccer game and a step show, titled the Step Tease.

The Step Tease is held every year and has participating teams from various organizations.

Hosted by the University Activities Council, it will be on Thursday, Aug. 17, at 7 p.m. in Sartain Hall. Admission is free with a student ID.

Aleeah Stigarll, a graduate student in the public administration program from Dallas, Texas, and UAC activities coordinator and student adviser, said the event will showcase multiple organizations performing rehearsed step routines.

“It’s a popular hit,” Stigarll said. “It’s also a time for students to kind of get out and see the different environment that Step Tease shows.”

“It’s laid back, friendly, very chill. . . something that the students can relate to.”

Stigarll also said Welcome Week is important for getting new students to transition to life at Troy more easily.

“For some people, this is their first time away from home,” Stigarll said. “We try to give them a very family-oriented vibe, which is basically what Troy is all about. . . let them know that it’s ok.

“We’re here to love you, we’re here to help you, we’re here to help you grow and develop.”

Welcome Week will also include a Silent Disco Glow Party hosted by the International Office of Student Services on Saturday, Aug. 19, at 9 p.m. in Sartain Hall.

Morgan Brantley, international student adviser, explained that during the Silent Disco, students will have special headphones that they can plug into different DJ stations and listen to that DJ’s music. Because of the headphones, students won’t be able to hear anything except their music, so the disco will be silent.

There will also be games and food at the event.

“This is a way to really get the international students involved,” Brantley said.

“Usually we have our own separate welcome back party, but we are trying to integrate the international students more with the general campus, so the event is combined with domestic students too.”

For a full list of Welcome Week events, go online to troy.edu/welcomeweek.

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