What’s wrong with Troy’s fight song?

Luke Brantley

Variety Editor

The Troy University Student Government Association (SGA) recently shared an image of a resolution on Instagram that has a lot of people riled up and ready to Fight! Fight! Fight!

The resolution states that Troy’s fight song, titled “Trojans One and All,” isn’t aggressive enough and should be modified.

At one point, the resolution says, “Be it resolved that the Student Government Association recommends and encourages the student body to begin saying the phrase ‘fight like hell,’ in place of the current, ‘Fight! Fight! Fight!’ phrase in “Trojans One and All.” 

What about “Fight! Fight! Fight!” is less aggressive than “fight like hell?” 

When a screenshot of the Instagram post was shared on the Troy Students Facebook group, some commenters voiced support of the change, comparing the new lyrics to songs from other universities, such as “Rammer Jammer” from the University of Alabama. Other commenters have voiced their disapproval toward the lyric change. 

“Y’all know children sing this too right?” asked Kaitlynn Carpenter in the comments of the post on the Troy Students Facebook page. “Y’all know children come to games right?” 

“So y’all want people to pray before the game but also curse in the fight song?” asked Matt Fulton in the comments of the post.

The new lyrics would raise concerns for those with religious or more conservative backgrounds. As a Christian, I’ve always been taught that it’s ok to use the word “Hell” when referring to the place, but not as a curse word, as it would be used in the fight song.

Changing the lyrics would leave me and everyone else with similar beliefs out of the fun. Also, cursing isn’t necessary to indicate aggression. 

I would encourage the SGA to leave the words to the fight song alone. The lyrics and even the name of the song promote unity and school pride as we all sing together. These new lyrics would only divide students and fans.

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