When enough means enough

Whitney Cale

Staff Writer

I’m all for school spirit, but I have been thoroughly disappointed in Troy’s expression of it lately.

I think there is a healthy and even normal way to show school spirit, and then there’s an over-the-top, obnoxious, disrespectful way.

Seeing Troy students’ Facebook posts following last Saturday’s game against UMass disgusted me. I understand that we attend Troy University and that we pride ourselves in being Trojans, but I think our level of expression is giving us a bad reputation.

When voicing my concerns, the most popular feedback I receive is, “well, the other team is doing it, too!”

That may be so, but it doesn’t mean we have to stoop to their level. What ever happened to being the “bigger person?”

The first post I saw was a picture of a player from UMass urinating on our home turf. That is definitely one of the most disrespectful and repulsive acts someone can commit. I think we can agree that they probably just couldn’t stand losing to our now 7-1 bowl-bound Trojans.

I believe this particular player’s actions were premeditated. He was most likely acting out of spite and seeking attention. Why give it to him? Let him do his thing and move on. When we spread hate and express our anger, it only gives him and players like him motivation to do something similar.

This goes far beyond just last Saturday’s game. Even rivalry week against South Alabama was over the line. Burning another team’s flag? Can’t we support Troy any other way than tearing down another team?

My point is that the majority of what I’ve been seeing and hearing is filled with hate. I know we’ve all heard the phrase, “kill ‘em with kindness.” I think the world, in general, would be a better place if we counteracted evil with compassion.

There’s more to life than college, and there’s more to college than football. Don’t let another’s foolishness provoke you to act out of hatred.

Words carry tremendous power. We can either choose to use them to build others up or use them to tear others down. Recently, we have been more destructive rather than constructive.

Instead of wasting energy on belittling and ridiculing other schools, it’s time that we focus on encouraging and supporting our Troy Trojans.

We only have two more home games this season – vs. Appalachian State on Saturday, Nov. 12, and vs. Arkansas State on Thursday, Nov. 17.

So, here’s to the school we love; let’s cheer for victory!

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