With challenges of a new semester ahead, students should manage their time wisely

Kelsey Vickers

Perspectives Editor


Among the many issues that all college students have, time management is probably one of the most difficult to achieve.
It gets tough to manage your time when you’ve just spent the past month on break chain-watching shows on Netflix and becoming a couch potato.
But it’s finally time to get back to the daily grind of school, and time to put down the TV remote and get out the textbooks.
One tip I have for trying to keep up with schoolwork is to keep a calendar and get in the habit of making lists for yourself weekly – or daily, if you’re a lover of lists like I am.
Keeping all the tasks you have to do not only helps you remember everything you have to do, but it also gives you the opportunity to check off all the things you’ve accomplished at the end of the day, which is a fantastic feeling.
Although scheduling time to work is pertinent, it’s also important to schedule some time to relax and have a little fun.
Give yourself enough time during the day to meet with friends, play your video games or watch your favorite shows on Netflix.
However, make sure you’re not using these things to avoid getting work done. Think of it as more of a reward for getting your homework finished.
It also helps a lot to figure out what time of the day you tend to do your best work.
If you’re a night owl like me, don’t try to tell yourself that you’re going to wake up at 7 a.m. to study for your upcoming test, because we both know it’s not going to work.
Likewise, don’t attempt to get your homework done at midnight when you have to be up for your 8 a.m. class.
Remember, you’re not in high school anymore. You don’t have your parents at home peering over your shoulder to make sure you are getting your homework done, which can make it even harder to get it done.
But we’re adults now, and when you get into the real world you’re going to have a much harder time reaching deadlines when you’re getting a paycheck as opposed to the college courses you’re taking now.
Take advantage of your time here and do work.

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