Women health clinic opening

Destiny Hosmer
Staff Writer

A new health clinic, specifically geared to the needs of the female student population on campus, is coming to Troy University.

Troy’s Student Health Services will open the doors to the new Women’s Health Clinic on Wednesday, Feb. 18.

The clinic, which will be available from 8 a.m. to noon every Wednesday, is located on the bottom floor of Hamil Hall. It will include the services of local gynecologist Paul Dulaney.

Dulaney is a board-certified gynecologist with over 14 years of experience and specializes in women’s services and gynecological surgery. He currently serves as chief of staff at Troy Regional Medical Center.

In light of Troy University’s low ranking on Trojan Condoms Sexual Health Report Card, this Health Clinic will provide Troy’s female students the opportunity to stay educated and healthy.

“Many girls don’t know who to go to with their health care issues, and this will give them access to a professional in that field,” Dulaney said. “This clinic will also provide knowledge to girls who may not have been formerly familiar with female health care issues.”

According to the Centers for Disease Control’s 2012 Sexually Transmitted Disease Surveillance, 1 in 4 sexually active adolescent females have an STD, such as chlamydia or human papillomavirus.

“There has been a spike in STDs on college campuses nationwide, so there is a push to get students aware and treated,” Dulaney said.

Dulaney said that he is hopeful that the availability of an on-campus women’s clinic will draw more young women in to seek help.

“I think this clinic will spread awareness and education regarding women’s health and sexual health on campus,” Dulaney said. “A girl may do something on Friday night and then think, ‘Maybe I should talk to someone about this.’ Now I think these girls will really feel that they have access to that person to come talk to.”

Dulaney said that young women need to stay safe when it comes to their health.

“So many girls have no idea that they need to be treated, so having this clinic available to them could save them a lot of future complications, grief and money,” he said.

The Women’s Health Clinic will accept insurance and be open to walk-ins or appointments.

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