Womens Basketball Makes Trojan History

by: Hank Walters


Photo by: Joshua Thurston

The Trojans made school history as they raided Murfreesboro and came out with a 74-70 win.

Going into this game, Troy was 0-16 against Middle Tennessee. That changed Sunday when the ladies of Troy beat the leader of the conference on their home court.

Troy defeated the Blue Raiders 74-70 in overtime.  Junior Joanna Harden led the Trojans with 27 points, four assists and several clutch free throws.

Troy lead going into the half with a score of 37-25 but MTSU came back to tie the game at 61 with 49 seconds left in regulation time.

This win for Troy broke MTSU’s 12 game winning streak.

Freshman Ashley Beverly-Kelley hit career high 17 points and 13 rebounds.

According to Goblueraiders.com, MTSU head coach said, “Troy did a good job. They came in and did what they had to do. Their people played well together. Harden just flat took it to us. They broke us down and made several key baskets when they had to. They got key rebounds.”

The team’s shooting efficiency was pretty even. Troy only shot 14 percent from beyond the arc and 44 percent from the field, while MTSU hit 23 percent from distance and 31 percent from the field.

Troy demolished MTSU in free throw efficiency at 82 to 58 percent.

“I feel like every single person on their team came out with more energy than every single person on ours and it showed,” said MTSU forward Ebony Rowe.

This was only the second conference loss MTSU has allowed at home in the last five years.

Troy returns home Thursday, Feb., 14 to play FIU at 5:15 for a Valentine’s Day double-header with the men’s basketball team.

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