Wrestling club coming to Troy

by Harrison Glackmeyer

Troy Wrestling club held its first interest meeting this past week at the campus Recreational center.

The club is new to the campus and was created by head coach Nicholas Gelsosomo, a junior general business major from Chicago, Illinois, and Gunnar Gartner, the assistant coach for the new club and an intern in Troy’s athletics department. 

Gelsosomo has been wrestling for fun since the age of four. Gelsosomo has also coached numerous sports teams over the years years.

“I mostly help out with the football sideline athletics for the campus,” Gartner said.

Gelsosomo and Gartner both said they were eager for the club to get started so that the team can begin getting active as a group. The program has an array of goals, with physical fitness and self-defense being the two key objectives. The members of the program can expect to be involved in multiple fundraisers for the club.

The National Colligate Wrestling Association is the level of wrestling that the Trojans wrestling club hopes to achieve with the help of its new members. 

The tryout dates will be determined during the next interest meeting. Gelsosomo said the tryouts will be competitive rounds by weight class to decide the girls’ and boys’ divisions. The new members will need to pay $50 in dues and are also required to buy headgear and shoes. 

If a student is looking to participate to be active rather than to compete, they will be allowed to do so at a reduced price. 

The club will be releasing more information for another interest meeting in the upcoming weeks. 

“Overall, we want to get everyone actively competing in the sport,” Gelsosomo said.

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