‘You People’ on Netflix: An accurate depiction of our modern relationships

by Camille Coney

In the Netflix film, “You People,” cultural differences are put to the test, as a couple from two opposite backgrounds unexpectedly fall in love with one another after a rideshare mix–up.

 Amira, played by Lauren London, and Ezra, played by Jonah Hill, are head over heels in love with each other until they are faced with trials and tribulations concerning their family’s acceptance of one another and their relationship together.

 Ezra’s family, the Cohens, were making Amira feel extremely uncomfortable while trying to understand her as a Black woman. Ezra’s mom Shelley, played Julia Louis-Dreyfus, was trying her best not to offend Amira, but that didn’t turn out that way she thought it would. Ezra had to pull his mother to the side to correct her behavior.

The Mohammed family was just as hard on Ezra when they met him. Akbar, Amira’s dad played by Eddie Murphy, and Fatima, Amira’s mom played by Nia Long, interrogated him on their lunch date. Amira’s parents were displeased with the fact that Ezra was a white Jewish man instead of a Black Muslim. 

Ezra was disappointed at how the lunch date went, especially how he didn’t fully receive the answer he expected from Amira’s parents in asking for her hand in marriage.  It doesn’t take long for Amira and Ezra to realize that blending families with two diverse cultures and beliefs was going to take a toll on their relationship. Even wedding planning was getting a little bit out of hand for the couple, which later caused arguments between the two.

 Like most couples, they looked on the bright side of things and came together to find a solution to their problems. They decided to hang out with one another’s parents separately to get to know them better and to have a relationship with their soon-to-be in-laws. 

With trying to plan a wedding that acknowledges both cultural backgrounds and trying to include their families to work as one, stressed them out. The bachelor and bachelorette parties are just what they need to relieve some stress.

 What was supposed to be an exciting and fun trip for the bachelor and bachelorette just made things more complicated between the two. 

During the rehearsal dinner, the couple seemed to put on a great show for their family and friends, but deep down everything was going downhill. After the rehearsal dinner the couple decided to call it quits due to all the drama between them and the families. 

Once everything was said and done, the Cohen and Mohammed family realized that they made a huge mistake when wedging between the loving couple and decided to make things right. A few simple, honest, and compassionate apologies did the trick – concluding with a nice loving wedding with absolutely no drama. The couple were able to have make things right and live a happy life.

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