You scream, ice cream for charity

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Ora Nelson

Staff Writer

The Pike County United Appeal is pairing with 2 Brothers Frozen Treats to host one of its annual fundraisers on Sept. 26 at Me Time LLC in Troy. 

“I’m excited for students and faculty (from Troy University) to come out and get involved,” said Melinda Conner, executive secretary of Pike County United Appeal. “I hope getting the word out really brings in some more (people).”

The United Appeal is a nonprofit agency that serves 17 organizations throughout Pike County. Those agencies include groups, such as the Colley Senior Complex, 4-H, the Boy Scouts, the Boys and Girls Club and Sav-A-Life. The nonprofit holds fundraisers throughout the year to support the local agencies.

A portion of the frozen treats purchased will go to the Pike County United Appeal for their agencies.

“… I hope a lot of the children in the community and (the) students from the university will come by,” Connor said.

2 Brothers will be selling ice cream, dairy-free ice cream and pet ice cream at the event.

“2 Brothers just started with (selling) pet ice cream,” Connor said. “They had a great response and decided to serve it at the fundraiser.”

“They (2 Brothers) wanted to do a philanthropy to help out the community and were so excited when we reached out (to them),” Connor said.

2 Brothers is an ice cream truck run by a pair of young men with a passion for old fashioned ice cream. They now run the truck, complete with a functional music and speaker system, to serve frozen treats to the Troy area while their parents drive them around. 

The brothers will not be serving frozen treats from their truck for this fundraiser, though. They will be inside the Me Time building at 419 S. Three Notch St.

Inside Me Time, at the same time as the ice cream fundraiser, will be another opportunity to do good. 

“That day, if you register to do a yoga class or something with them (Me Time), then that will go towards the fundraiser as well,” Connor said.

The fundraiser will last from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. Those attending are strongly encouraged to wear masks while at the event. Those involved with the event will be wearing masks.

“Everyone’s used to wearing masks now,” said Connor. “People should wear their masks (at the event) when they’re able and to social distance (while there). If people are uncomfortable leaving their cars, I’m sure we can work out a way to get it to them.”

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